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Answers to questions we are often asked.

How do you know that the turquoise is real ?

A: At Turquoise Kingdom we can draw on over 40 years of dealing with a multitude of different stones. Through our combined experience and working with many experts in the field we can identify whether turquoise is natural, stabilized, reconstituted or dyed

How do you know that the pieces are authentic?

A: For our newer pieces we buy directly from the artists or pueblos. For the vintage or Old Pawn items the authenticity comes a combination of observing the wear, the patina, and the hallmarks.

Q:How do you know how old a piece is?

A: Generally by the style, variety of stone, rarity of the stone, patina and hallmark we can roughly determine the age of the piece. 


Q: How can you tell the different types of stones (types of turquoise)?

A: Because most of the jewelry we buy is Old Pawn/Vintage we can never 100% verify the origin of the turquoise. However because of our experience in observing many different types of turquoise we can usually make good estimates of the origin of the turquoise.